“Mom’s Pantry” Fundraiser at Brownridge

2 Feb

The Brownridge School Council is very excited to share with you that Brownridge is engaging in an awesome fundraising opportunity to help raise money to purchase Chromebooks for our students. We have connected with Mom’s Pantry (https://momspantry.ca/) to bring deliciousness to your front door. Mom’s Pantry provides quality food and baking products for everyone. They provide gluten free options, peanut/tree nut free options, kosher options and more! They have healthy snacks, irresistible treats & the highest quality ingredients for your family’s own cooking adventures! Go to https://momspantry.ca/ to explore a world of awesomeness. (All orders are shipped right to your home.)

Ordering couldn’t be easier.

To place an order:

1.) Add items to your cart

2.) On checkout, enter the Order Number and Group Passcode below, along with the Seller’s Name.

3.) Complete Payment

Group Name:          Brownridge Public School

Order Number:      346978

Group Passcode:    40045

Our fundraising goal is $3000 dollars. Each order will provide the school with up to 40% of sales! What an easy and amazing way to make a difference for the school and have fun at home.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Andrea B.

The Brownridge School Council (Brownridge.ps@sc.yrdsb.ca)

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