Please check your child’s candy/treats before they come to school.

1 Nov

Good afternoon everyone! Here is some info to know from Brownridge:

  1. Please ensure you check your child’s Halloween candy/snacks before they come to school. Any foods with nuts/traces of nuts should be left at home as we have students with life threatening allergies to peanuts/tree nuts. All items that are found to contain peanuts/tree nuts/traces of nuts will be confiscated.
  2. Join us for our 2nd virtual school council meeting tomorrow evening at 6:30pm (Monday). The link will be sent tomorrow.
  3. Dress for the weather. Students will be going outside for morning and lunch recess each and everyday for fresh air and physical activity. (They will remain inside if it is raining or -20 degrees or below). Consider sending gloves, hats, boots, scarves and warm jackets so students can enjoy the outdoors comfortably. If you require any of these items, please connect with Mr. Gold so he can assist.
  4. EDSBY will be open on Thursday, November 5th at 9am for parents/guardians to book parent-teacher interviews. If you have any questions, please call the office.

Have a great week!

The Brownridge Team

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