Letter from the YRDSB Director of Education

13 Aug

Dear families, 

I hope you and your families are doing well, and are having a safe, healthy and restful summer. This is a follow up to our message to families on August 8. 

On August 8, you should have received an email asking you to complete a Reopening Registration Form. The information from the form will help inform planning and be used to support the creation of remote classes for students. Please complete this form for each child by August 14 2020, by 5:00 p.m. If you did not receive a personalized form for your child, you can complete the form on the Board website

We know that families are looking for as much information as possible to help them make an informed decision. On the Board website, you can find our Return to School Plan, frequently asked questions as well as additional information about school reopening at www.yrdsb.ca/school-reopening.  

The Ministry of Education has determined that elementary school students will return to school with regular class sizes, five days a week. Students will remain with their class throughout the day, including for lunch and recess. In addition, a number of health and safety measures will be in place. For families with children in kindergarten, while kindergarten classrooms may be rearranged to minimize contact, students will continue to engage in play-based learning. Information about curriculum or program modifications as a result of health and safety measures is available on the Board website. 

Families can choose to engage in remote online learning, instead of having their child return to school in person. Students who participate in online learning will engage in real-time live sessions directed by a teacher. They will have a set schedule, similar to day school, which will include live virtual learning and independent learning. Specific remote learning classes will be created and taught by teachers available to the system. This means that your child may be taught online by teachers who are not connected to your child’s school.

We will continue to provide support to students with special education needs in both the in-class and remote online learning models. 

In order to maintain safety and appropriate cohorts, children whose families opt for online learning in September may be required to wait for a specific entry point (e.g., end of a reporting period) to return to in-person learning at school. We will also support transitions between face-to-face and online learning when possible as space allows. 

While a number of things will look different this school year, we continue to put our students and their health, safety and well-being first, and will continue to work collaboratively with families to support the success of our students. We encourage families to review the documentation and to assist with preparing your child for the upcoming school year. While we know it will be different, our caring and dedicated staff are looking forward to welcoming everyone back. 


Louise Sirisko

Director of Education

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