Info to know from Brownridge…

23 Jun

Good morning Brownridge, here is some info to know:

  1. Wednesday, June 24 is another spirit day. It is PARTY DAY!!! Dress for a party… include balloons, streamers, a party hat or anything you feel is in the spirit of having a party! Send photos to
  2. Friday, June 26 is the last day of school. Google Classrooms will not be available after June 26 as they will not be utilized over the summer.
  3. On Wednesday, June 24, grade 8 students are invited to a Google Meet with Brownridge staff as we wish them well and provide a heart-felt send off for them. Grade 8 students can find the link to the Google Meet on their teacher’s Google Classroom on Wednesday morning.
  4. The YRDSB will be making report cards available to you through email this week. If you have any questions about report cards please reach out to your child’s teacher or myself.
  5. Here are some of the videos from Brownridge staff that were created to continue our goal of making students feel like they belong and matter at Brownridge! Please find the links here: Volunteer Appreciation, Full House Quarantine Parody Video-, We Miss You, Brownridge Video-

Have a wonderful day!

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