Info for you to know….

30 Jan

Hi all, here is some info for you to know:

  1. January 31 is a PA Day. There is no school for students.
  2. HIGH SCHOOL registration forms and transfer forms are due to the High school tomorrow – so if you did not submit them to us, please take them to the high school no later than tomorrow
  3. Remember, students should dress for the weather. Unless the temperature dips below negative 20 or the tarmac is unsafe due to ice, students will be going outside. 
  4. Safety is a priority at Brownridge. When crossing the street, please use the cross walk in front of the school appropriately (do no J-Walk). When arriving at a stop sign, please come to a complete stop. Drive slowly through the parking lot. Do not leave your vehicle unattended in the bus loop/emergency loop. Do not park behind parked vehicles. Safety over convenience; our students are precious!
  5. Wednesday, February 5 is World Read Aloud Day. Mr. Gold will be doing a read-aloud with every class in the school. This day, along with every other day, is a great time to be reading to/with your child helping to promote a love of reading. 
  6. Due to labour action, students will not be receiving first term report cards. 
  7. YRDSB elementary schools will be closed on February 6 and February 7 due to strike action. There will be no school for students. 
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