The Brownridge Move-a-thon is coming soon! We need your help for this important fundraiser…

4 May

Dear Parents/Guardians: Brownridge Public School presents…“Move-a-thon 2019”

On May 17th, our Brownridge students will be participating in our Move-a-thon program.  It will be a fun day of moving and grooving with Bounce Entertainment.

Students will be seeking sponsorship from family and friends during the Move-a-thonThe exciting focus of this year’s event will be our modern learning journey!  Funds raised will contribute to purchasing new technology for the school.

Students will receive a ticket to place into a prize draw for returning their pledge form and for every $10.00 raised.  For example, if you return your pledge form and raise $100.00 you would get 11 tickets and 11 chances to win. The more you raise the better your chance of winning a prize.  AND….for every $100.00 raised, students will be able to place a raffle ticket in the Grand Prize draw for Beats Headphones or an Ipad Mini. Additional prizes consist of: Principal for day, gift cards to Walmart, McDonalds, Toys R Us, Tim Horton’s etc., floor hockey for you and 11 friends with lunch, 12 cake pops, Wii party for you and 3 friends, cupcake decorating for you and 5 friends, and much, much more!

Please return pledge forms no later than May 13th, 2019, regardless of whether or not funds are raised.  Our goal this year is to raise $10, 000!  If each student raises at least $30.00, then we can meet this goal!!

 If you have any questions, please contact the school office. Thanks for supporting this important fundraiser at Brownridge! We are all in this together!


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