Hot Weather Action Plan at Brownridge

4 May

Did you know that the YRDSB has a Hot Weather Action plan? As you know, warm weather brings with it enjoyable activities, but hot weather can also endanger our health because of heat stress. At Brownridge, we have a Hot Weather Action Plan that implemented when the humidex reaches or exceeds 35 degrees Celsius.

The Hot Weather Action Plan includes:
1) Use of board approved fans in the classrooms to circulate air
2) Keeping blinds, curtains closed in classrooms directly exposed to sunlight and turn off any unnecessary lights Limit outdoor activities
3) Encourage the drinking of water for rehydration

Parents are reminded to:
1) Send students to school with light clothing that adheres to our dress code.
2) Apply sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher)
3) Send students with a wide brimmed hat for outdoor recesses

Stay cool!

The Brownridge Team

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