3 Mar

Dear Grade 8 Families,

We are super excited that Muskoka is TOMORROW! Here are a few reminders to help you and your child prepare for the trip:

  • Students will arrive at regular school time on Monday, March 4 and will gather in the gym. We anticipate returning to school by 3pm on Wednesday, March 6. However, due to the unpredictability of traffic and weather, if your child regularly takes the school bus home, please arrange for an alternative way for your child to get home.
  • Your child will need to bring a lunch or bring money to purchase lunch on Monday. All other meals will be provided by Muskoka Woods.
  • If your child is bringing medication (whether it is prescription or for just in case), you will need to complete a “Self-Administration of Medication” form, and staff will be happy to assist. In addition, please write on a separate sheet of paper the following information: Your child’s name, name of medication, when medication is needed (schedule or with onset of specific symptoms), how often medication is given, dosage, special instructions (e.g., storage). Please place EACH medication in a separate ziploc bag along with the corresponding Self-Administration of Medication form and information sheet. Students are to give these to their teachers on Monday morning.
  • Please remind your child that they will be outdoors for most of the day and to follow the packing list provided. It is generally colder in Muskoka. They will need to wear layers and bring lots of extras (e.g., socks, mitts, hats, scarves, etc.). Snow pants and waterproof boots are HIGHLY recommended.
  • There is absolutely NO FOOD, NO TECHNOLOGY and NO VALUABLES on this trip. Should students bring their technology to school on Monday, they will leave it in the office and you are welcome to come pick it up on their behalf.
  • We would love to update you on all the fun that the students are having while on the trip.  Please follow our school’s twitter at @BrownridgePS. We do require your permission to post pictures of your child on Twitter. Please ensure your child has returned their consent forms by Monday. If you have not done so yet, you can sign the permission form on Monday. Drop by the office so your child’s beautiful smile does not get covered by an emoji!

This is going to be the trip of a lifetime!!! 

The Brownridge Team


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