X Movement / Fusion

19 Feb

X Movement

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are thrilled to welcome the X MOVEMENT team to our school! Our students will be participating in an X Fusion experience from March 26 to March 28.

X Movement will integrate the powerful Connected Movement Approach to Energize our school!

Connected Movement is…

Physical activity that makes you feel good, irrespective of ability.

Using reflection to become aware of self, other and the world
around you.

Building relationships through communication, equality and trust.

X Fusion aims to develop student’s self-regulation skills in order for them to discover their own self-realization. To achieve this students partake in sessions designed to increase and decrease their energy levels and model methods/tools/tactics which allow them to regulate by themselves.

Self-Regulation: The ability to identify and change emotions/state depending on the surroundings.

Self-Realization: Fulfillment in one’s own potential.

During the 3 X Fusion sessions we will use movements inspired by Yoga as well as high intensity body flows. Both genres of movement focus on similar beliefs of self-awareness, intrinsic benefits and discipline over the mind and body.

The cost of the program is $9.00. Payment should be made on School Cash Online between February 18 and March 1.*

For more information on the program please visit www.xmovement.com.


*Parents who are not registered on School Cash Online should pay by cash or cheque payable to Brownridge Public School.

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