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29 Nov

Winter Math

Winter break is right around the corner! This is a great opportunity to take time with your child and connect math to the real world. Below are some ideas that will help get you started:

  • Grocery shopping can involve money, budgeting, estimating, adding, subtracting, and measuring
  • Cooking can involve weighing, measuring, ordering, estimating, adding, and multiplying
  • Organizing for a party can mean matching numbers of people to plates, cutlery, area of tables, ordering food, and seating arrangements
  • Going on a trip by car or plane involves time, distance, budgeting, speed, comparing various routes, and shape scavenger hunts
  • Completing a half finished symmetrical design using playdough (e.g., half a butterfly, tree)
  • Building a snowperson can involve measuring, spatial reasoning, and estimating

These ideas will help your child see the importance of math in their everyday lives through fun and interactive ways.

The Ontario Ministry of Education recently released information for families aboutFocusing on the Fundamentals of Math.  You can access this information at

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