29 Nov

December is an Exciting Time of Year! The first day of winter falls in December! Start of School Winter holidays! Spending time with Family and Friends!

December is also a great time to get outside, have fun in the snow and discover the great outdoors! .

When the temperature drops, it is common for many parents to want their kids to spend time indoors. However, there are many benefits for kids to be active outside in the winter, including:

-Building different muscle groups and improving physical health

-Engaging in creative play

-Being messy and having fun

-Fresh air and sunlight

-Learning first-hand about nature, the weather and the seasons

-When children are outside they move more, sit less, play longer and sleep more soundly at night. Being active also helps to improve your self-esteem, social skills and mental health. Here are some December challenges we invite your children to try leading up to the holidays (December 3rd to 21st):

-Walk to and from school or the bus stop everyday

-Wish the crossing guard or a classmate on your walk to school a great day

-On your walk to school make a snow angel

-On your walk to school complete 10 star jumps and 10 jumping jacks

-Make someone laugh today

-Check your local recreation center for fun activities that you and your family can do over the holidays

-Say something positive to one of your classmates

-Active School Travel is a simple way to fit physical activity into your daily routine!

-If you live far, consider parking a block away and walking. If active school travel every day is a challenge, choose one, two or three times a week to make a change.


YRDSB Active Travel Team and York Region Public Health

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