15 Oct

Halloween can be a very exciting time for children and adults. While there are many ways to celebrate, we must also be aware that not everyone celebrates Halloween and we must demonstrate equity and inclusivity in all we do. Please note the following when it comes to Halloween at Brownridge:

  1. Costumes should be respectful of others. For example, if something is representative of a person’s culture or religious beliefs, then it should not be worn as another person’s costume.
  2. Masks may only be worn if teachers allow time for a mask to be worn in class. They may not be worn at any other time (ie. recess, lunch)
  3. Students may not bring weapons or replica weapons to school.
  4. Students will be engaged in curriculum related activities throughout the day; some of which may be connected to Halloween. 

Safety: For families who go trick or treating, here are a few safety tips:

  1. Cross at street lights or stop signs. 
  2. Carry a flashlight or a lit up object so kids/adults can be seen at night in the dark.
  3. Kids should go with parents/guardians and/or in groups.
  4. Never run across the street. Look both ways before you walk.
  5. Only knock on doors of houses with lights on.

Health: A few tips

  1. Brush your teeth after consuming sweet treats. It helps reduce plaque and tartar build up. 
  2. Limit quantity of treats each day following Halloween.
  3. Limit quantity of treats on the night of Halloween. 

Thank you for your understanding and your support.

The Brownridge Team

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