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Reminder: Last Chance to find Lost Articles

31 Mar

Lost and found has been neatly organized.  Items will be out on the tables until Tuesday April 4.  Any unclaimed items will be donated JF&C.

Lost and Found

Lunch Time Programs are BACK!!!!

29 Mar

Spring Lunch Time Programs

Registration for lunch time programs will start this week.

We are hoping to have everything handed out by Friday. The next round of programs will start the week of April 17th, Karate will be starting a week earlier….  Registration forms will be due back on the April 7th for Karate and April 12th for all other programs. 

Please note there are limits to the size of these programs and we will be offering them on a first come first serve basis. So register early!

 We are happy to say we have added new lunch activities:

                    Monday: HDrummers – Grades JK-6

                    Tuesday: Karate – Grades JK-5

                    Wednesday: Creative Crafts – Grades 1-3

                    Wednesday:  Lego Robotics – Grades 3-6

                    Thursday: Paint it up – Grades 3-6

                    Thursday:  All Sports – Grades 1-4

                    Friday: Yoga – Grades 1-6

We look forward to having everyone participate.

Should you have any questions please contact

Shauna Chaulk

We will NOT accept any registration forms after the dates they are due.

Lost and Found

24 Mar

Our Lost and Found box is overflowing onto the floor! We will be putting the items on tables for students/parents to have every opportunity to find lost items. The tables will be up for 1 week. At the beginning of April, all unclaimed items will be donated to JF&C.


Student Safety and Cars

24 Mar

We would once again like to ask our families to take care in our school parking lot and kiss and ride. There are rules that have been put in place for the safety of students, staff and families. They need to be followed!  Do not enter on the east side of the parking lot. It is clearly marked No Entry!!  To enter the parking area of the lot, you must enter only on the WEST side. If you are dropping off your child(ren), please only let them out on the passenger side as the driver’s side is a live lane in both the kiss and ride and parking lot.

Also to know, if you are parking on the street, please park the correct way on the street and DO NOT park where there is No Parking. 

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Have a Save and Fun March Break

10 Mar

See you back, Monday March 20.

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Reminder: Spring Hot Lunch Sign Up Available until TOMORROW

9 Mar

Good morning,

I have been monitoring the hot lunch lists for Monday hot lunches and Friday pizza.  Many parents who usually sign their children up for hot lunches have not done so yet.

Please remember the deadline is Friday.  All the orders have to be finalized prior to March break and this deadline will not be extended.  Please go to School Cash Online as soon as possible.  If you are experiencing any difficulty please contact me by Friday.  Thank you.

Karen Sacke, Elementary Office Administrative Assistant (EOAA), 905-660-3083

Grade 8 On Their Way Home

8 Mar

The bus left around 12:30 from Camp Muskoka. We will send a post when they arrive back at Brownridge. The report from teachers is that it was an “amazing trip”.


Last Activity at Camp Muskoka

8 Mar

last event

Snack Sales

8 Mar

Our grade 8 students are selling snacks every WEDNESDAY morning recess to raise funds for their graduation. Cookies: $1.50  Kernels Popcorn: $2.00.  As always, there is healthy snack available Tuesday-Thursday

.Related image                                  Image result for terra cotta cookie


What a View and Cooperative Games

7 Mar

camp muskoka 4 jpgCamp Muskoka 3