Outdoor Classroom

21 Jan

Brownridge is planning on building an outdoor classroom.

What is an outdoor classroom?

An outdoor classroom is a space that brings learning outside.  Teachers and students can gather or work there and experience nature while enjoying the outdoors.  It may include trees, benches, gardens, fitness and balance elements.

Benefits of outdoor learning

Everyone benefits from learning outdoors, especially young people. Our students will receive educational and health benefits from this nature-based programming.  Some of the benefits may include:  happier students, enhanced appreciation for the outdoors through interaction, improved learning experiences for tactile and experiential learners and incorporation of physical activity across subject areas.

Bingo Night proceeds will launch the fundraising for this project

Pictures of sample outdoor classrooms will be on display at Bingo Night on Thursday. We are in the early phases of planning this project, so stay tuned for more details as the spring arrives.

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