Cyberbullying Awareness

16 Nov

The Government of Ontario has designated the week of November 17 as Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. During this week, schools across York Region will be focused on addressing cyberbullying. York Region District School Board has been working collaboratively with York Regional Police and the York Catholic District School Board to develop resources to support school-wide cyberbullying awareness initiatives.

Cyberbullying is the use of electronic devices and or the internet to threaten, embarrass, socially exclude and harass. Cyberbullying can occur through various forms of social media, including: texting, email, chats, websites, instant messaging, cell phones and through pictures/video clips. Cyberbullying is often aggressive behaviour that can be intentional or unintentional, direct or indirect. It may include: mocking, insults, threats, racist, homophobic comments, gossiping, spreading of rumours, excluding, humiliating and shunning.

How to tell if your child is being cyberbullied?

  • Computer avoidance
  • Computer obsession
  • Change in behaviour at home
  • Change in behaviour at school/school avoidance
  • Kids will either want to be on the computer to see if anything else is being written for others to see or not want to be on the computer at all
  • May experience nightmares
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If you’d like to learn more, watch our Change The Culture of Cyberbullying video on the Board’s YouTube channel, Join us in saying #yeswewill change the culture of cyberbullying through your favourite social media tools.

As a reminder, you can also report instances of bullying using our Report it! tool available on our website.

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