Canadian Red Cross Babysitting Course Information

28 Oct

The Canadian Red Cross, Region of York Branch, is interested in educating Youth in our Babysitting Program as the newly revised Canadian Red Cross Babysitting Course for 11 to 15 year-olds is the perfect fit for students. Safety, decision-making and problem-solving are valuable components that this course brings to youth education.

Comprehensive Youth Preparedness

It is a known fact that most unintentional injuries and deaths involving children occur at home.  The program empowers youth with confidence and skills to care for other children or for themselves when home alone (And to ultimately make the home, school and playground safer places).

Course Features

  • The Babysitting Course focuses on four main areas: caregiving, first aid, injury prevention and leadership
  • New: the revised course approaches babysitting as an individual’s first business
  • To make learning interactive and enjoyable, the course is based on various activities that encourage better skills retention
  • The course can be offered in a one-day, 8-hour session, or split across several days
  • Participants receive the Babysitter’s Manual, an excellent resource during and after the course that contains checklists, sample résumé, business cards, and other forms. The successful course completion is confirmed through a wallet card.

Please see the schedule if interested.

If you witnessed a family member in cardiac arrest

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