LEGO Needed

7 Oct

Do you have LEGO®  lying around that your child(ren) no longer play with, or that’s collecting dust? Do you have any family or friends with older kids who might have some that they no longer need? Or, any contacts who may be able to help get LEGO®  or LEGO®  Resources (books, software, etc) donated to our school?  This year, we are hoping to offer a FREE LEGO® program for students,  to be held during recess. This program will allow students to visit our school library and partake in designing, building, and creating in a safe and structured environment. We feel that Lego™ is a great tool to allow students to develop their language, math, and social skills.

In order to make this program effective and collect enough LEGO®, various School Council Members and Mrs. Sanita (our School Librarian), have been actively searching for LEGO® resources through social media, ad postings, garage sales, and personal donations.  We are also approaching LEGO head office directly and at the same time reaching out to you – our school community for help. We would be very appreciative of any support and assistance you could provide. If you have LEGO® products that you can donate, please bring them to the School Office marked LEGO® Program – Library.

Thank you.


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