School Reorganization

20 Sep

As a result of the changes that have taken place between June and September in our school’s enrolment and in order to comply with the Primary Class Size Reduction requirements, as well as to reduce average class sizes in the junior and intermediate divisions, the following modifications have been made to our school organization.  All changes will take effect on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013.

In order to support a positive learning environment for our students, we were fortunate enough to have been allocated an additional teacher, and have had to reorganize our junior and intermediate divisions by opening one additional homeroom classroom.  Our new school organization will be:

JK/SK FDK Ms. Parish
JK/SK FDK Ms. Mourachova
Grade 1/SK Ms. Lewkowicz
Grade 1/2 Mr. Hinds
Grade 1/2 Ms. Panza
Grade 2/3 Ms. Large
Grade 2/3 Ms. Tenenbaum
Grade 3/4 Ms. Petri
Grade 4 Ms. Nguyen/Ms. Sarkisyan
Grade 4/5 Ms. Braiantsis
Grade 5 Mr. Tancon
Grade 6 Ms. Gardos
Grade 6/7 Ms. Shapiro
Grade 7 Mr. Brennan
Grade 7/8 Ms. Suh/Ms. Mackeracher
Grade 8 Mr. Rappaport

Rest assured that in all of our classrooms, our teachers differentiate the instruction and assessment based on each student’s individual strengths, needs and interests.  Great care goes into determining class placements using a number of criteria that aim to optimize conditions for learning.  Is important to remember that all placements are interconnected, and that we are not able to readily move students based on parental requests.

If your child will be moving to a new classroom, we will inform you by letter or a phone call.  We thank you for your ongoing support.

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