Use of Electronic Devices in School

17 Sep

In the Book of Forms distributed the first week of school, students, parents and guardians signed the Information Technology Acceptable Use Agreement form to acknowledge that they have read, understood and support the conditions and rules concerning the use of school/Board and personal technology as it supports learning.  It should be noted, however, that students utilizing personal technology to support their learning is neither required nor expected.  Brownridge P.S. will provide all necessary technologies that may be used in the course of any given unit of study.  Furthermore, as outlined in the 2013-2014 Guide to the School Year, “students are responsible for the care and security of their personal devices.  The school is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft” (p. 23).

As a general rule, cell phones, personal communication and electronic devices “must be turned off and kept out of sight during all instructional periods [and lunch/recess], except with the clear permission of the principal and the classroom teacher” (p. 22).  There may be cases in which students wish to use their own personal technology to support their learning, and they can do so only in situations approved by the principal and the teacher.  A permission form will be sent home by the classroom teacher regarding students using personal technology in school.  In all cases where technology is a requirement of learning, it will be provided by the school.

For additional information, please see Board Policy and Procedure #194.0, Appropriate Use of Technology.

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