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Grade 7s and Grade 8 girls Vaccination Reminder

30 Sep

Nurses from York Region Community and Health Services will be at Brownridge tomorrow morning, Oct. 1, to provide immunization clinics for grade 7 students and grade 8 girls. Signed consent forms need to be sent with students to receive the vaccination or to indicate that vaccine is not to be given at school. Parents, please refer to the information sheet sent home with the consent form. Please call York Region Health Connection at 1-800-361-5653 if you have any questions about these vaccines. It is important that students eat a good breakfast in the morning.


Safety Awareness Week Sept 25 – Oct.2

30 Sep

One of the goals of Safety Awareness Week is to teach and to practice safety procedures for emergency situations. At school, students and staff will be participating in a fire evacuation drill, a lockdown drill, and a hold and secure drill. On the day of one of these drills, students will be made aware in advance on the morning announcements. Here are some sites that have student-friendly information for younger students:

York Region Police would also like to remind children about walking to school safely.This is a good time for parents to remind their children about pedestrian safety. YRP has provided the following safety tips on their website to help keep students safe on their way to and from school:

  • Walk on available sidewalks
  • Always cross at intersections
  • Obey crossing guards
  • Stop before stepping into roadway
  • Be visible and indicate crossing intentions
  • Look and listen for traffic in all directions
  • Make eye contact with drivers
  • Cross safely when the roadway is clear
  • Walk. Do not run or cycle across roads
  • If possible use the buddy system

For more information, visit

Vice Principal Change

23 Sep

On Tuesday September 17, 2013 at the York Region District School Board meeting of trustees and senior administrators, decisions were made regarding changes to some of the administrative assignments for this school year.

The Board has named Sean Yao as our new part-time Vice-Principal forBrownridge P. S.  Wilshire E.S. effective September 30, 2013.  Sean Yao is a newly appointed Vice-Principal who currently works at Black Walnut P.S. within the York Region District School Board.

We welcome Sean Yao to our school. His work experiences and expertise will be a welcome addition to our continued focus on improved student achievement and well being.

We want thank Dr. Malcolm Richmon, our current Vice Principal, for his brief time  with our school community over the last few weeks and wish him continued success in his in new placement at Bakersfield P.S..


School Reorganization

20 Sep

As a result of the changes that have taken place between June and September in our school’s enrolment and in order to comply with the Primary Class Size Reduction requirements, as well as to reduce average class sizes in the junior and intermediate divisions, the following modifications have been made to our school organization.  All changes will take effect on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013.

In order to support a positive learning environment for our students, we were fortunate enough to have been allocated an additional teacher, and have had to reorganize our junior and intermediate divisions by opening one additional homeroom classroom.  Our new school organization will be:

JK/SK FDK Ms. Parish
JK/SK FDK Ms. Mourachova
Grade 1/SK Ms. Lewkowicz
Grade 1/2 Mr. Hinds
Grade 1/2 Ms. Panza
Grade 2/3 Ms. Large
Grade 2/3 Ms. Tenenbaum
Grade 3/4 Ms. Petri
Grade 4 Ms. Nguyen/Ms. Sarkisyan
Grade 4/5 Ms. Braiantsis
Grade 5 Mr. Tancon
Grade 6 Ms. Gardos
Grade 6/7 Ms. Shapiro
Grade 7 Mr. Brennan
Grade 7/8 Ms. Suh/Ms. Mackeracher
Grade 8 Mr. Rappaport

Rest assured that in all of our classrooms, our teachers differentiate the instruction and assessment based on each student’s individual strengths, needs and interests.  Great care goes into determining class placements using a number of criteria that aim to optimize conditions for learning.  Is important to remember that all placements are interconnected, and that we are not able to readily move students based on parental requests.

If your child will be moving to a new classroom, we will inform you by letter or a phone call.  We thank you for your ongoing support.

Food Sharing and Birthdays

18 Sep

We would like to remind parents and guardians that we have a number of students and staff in our school that have life-threatening allergies.  We appreciate your support in working toward providing the safest environment for all of our staff and students.  Kindly read all labels to ensure that student snacks and lunches are free of nuts and nut products.  As well, in order to ensure the safety of students with severe allergies, Brownridge P. S. asks that no birthday treats are brought to school.  Similarly, students are not allowed to share their snacks or lunches.  We would respectfully remind parents that this also includes snacks brought in with the intention of sharing with a whole class to celebrate a birthday.  Our sincerest thanks in helping us minimize the possibility of students and staff coming into contact with possible allergens.

Mabel’s Labels!

18 Sep


Need help labeling your kids’ stuff and staying organized for the new school year? Brownridge has once again partnered up in a fundraiser with Mabel’s Labels to help you…  Mabel’s Labels are perfect for reusable water bottles, clothing, shoes, backpacks, pencil cases, and so much more!  20% of every purchase from Mabel’s Labels will go directly back to our school.

Please visit and shop. Please use only this link as it includes our Brownridge P. S. code in order for money to come back to the school. This fundraiser is active from now until Dec. 31st, 2013.  You can view the flyer here.

The Brownridge School Council thanks you for your ongoing support.

Use of Electronic Devices in School

17 Sep

In the Book of Forms distributed the first week of school, students, parents and guardians signed the Information Technology Acceptable Use Agreement form to acknowledge that they have read, understood and support the conditions and rules concerning the use of school/Board and personal technology as it supports learning.  It should be noted, however, that students utilizing personal technology to support their learning is neither required nor expected.  Brownridge P.S. will provide all necessary technologies that may be used in the course of any given unit of study.  Furthermore, as outlined in the 2013-2014 Guide to the School Year, “students are responsible for the care and security of their personal devices.  The school is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft” (p. 23).

As a general rule, cell phones, personal communication and electronic devices “must be turned off and kept out of sight during all instructional periods [and lunch/recess], except with the clear permission of the principal and the classroom teacher” (p. 22).  There may be cases in which students wish to use their own personal technology to support their learning, and they can do so only in situations approved by the principal and the teacher.  A permission form will be sent home by the classroom teacher regarding students using personal technology in school.  In all cases where technology is a requirement of learning, it will be provided by the school.

For additional information, please see Board Policy and Procedure #194.0, Appropriate Use of Technology.

Terry Fox Walk

17 Sep


Even if I don’t finish, we need others to continue.  It’s got to keep going.”  – Terry Fox, July 10, 1980.

Terry Fox lost his battle with cancer within a year of charging Canadians with the task of finishing the race he didn’t get to complete.  Over the last 33 years we’ve responded, and the Terry Fox Foundation far exceeded Terry’s original goal of raising twenty-five million dollars, having raised more than half a billion dollars for cancer research to date.

Once again this year, Brownridge P.S. is proud to be raising money for the Terry Fox Foundation to support cancer research.  We are asking students to support the effort by collecting money for this event (please, no door to door soliciting).  Our goal this year is to raise $2013.00.  Our school walk will take place on Thursday, September 26th from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.  We thank you for your support and look forward to a fantastic event!

Book of Forms

10 Sep


We would like to thank all our Brownridge P.S. parents and guardians who have completed and returned their Book of Forms.  It is important that the various forms are read, signed and returned to us.  Among the forms to be signed and returned, are the:

As well, if you would like to volunteer at our school please return the Volunteer Form.  Additionally, if your child has an anaphylactic condition please complete the Anaphylactic Reactions Protocol.  Finally, if your child has any other medical condition please complete the Emergency Health Care Plan.  We thank our community for their help with gathering this important information.

School Council Meeting

9 Sep

Please join us for our first School Council meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 17, 2013, at 7:00 pm in the library.  We encourage you to come to the meeting, learn about our school, and participate in our shared work to support the learning and well-being of our students.