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Join us for Family Swim April 7

28 Mar

Another great Family Event sponsored by School Council coming April 7! Join us for Family Swim Fun!

One Match Registration Event in Honour of Sarah – April 18

22 Mar

Brownridge Public School is hosting a OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network registration event in Honour of Sarah on Thursday, April 18 from 2 p.m. – 8 p.m.  Less than 25% of patients who require a stem cell transplant will find a matching donor in their family.  That’s why there’s OneMatch.  OneMatch is currently looking to match 931 patients with a donor.   There is a special need for males, 17- 35 years of age to join the Network.  Another way to help patients in need is to donate blood. All stem cell patients will require blood. To learn more about donating stem cells or blood, please join us on April 18th.


21 Mar

At 8.30pm on Saturday March 23rd, 2013, millions of people around the world will turn out the lights for Earth Hour. This awareness movement is intended to get people talking about the importance of reducing human impact on the Earth. Below you will find lists of activities that you can do to save energy, reduce your impact on the environment, and help spread awareness about Earth issues such as climate change.

You don’t have to wait for the Earth Hour to try out some energy saving techniques. Please check out our Eco Schools page of the blog for tips…


PAJAMA SPIRIT DAY – Friday, March 18

18 Mar

This Fiday is a Brownridge Spirit Day! Come in your favourite pajamas! We are asking students to bring in a donation (of any amount) to support Camp Oochigeans, a camp for children with cancer. Please be sure to provide proper clothing for your child to put over their pajamas to keep them warm when they are outside at recess.

Family Fun Night Tomorrow At Active Kids Zone

6 Mar

Don’t forget it’s Family Fun Night tomorrow, Thursday, at the Active Kids Zone location!! Please click on the flyer for the address and event details. Don’t miss the FUN!!

Grade 8 Students Are On Their Way Home

6 Mar

Camp Muskoka has just called to say the bus has left. They should be back for 3:00 dismissal. If you are picking your child up, please park on the street or enter the parking lot by 2:50 – prior to the school buses arrival. Thank you.

NEW Page Added to Blog – Sudent Showcase

5 Mar

We have added a new page to “showcase” some of the wonderful things that are happening at Brownridge inside and outside the classroom. Please check it out periodically. To honour privacy, we will not be posting any pictures with student faces without explicit consent from parent/guardian – prior to the post.