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It’s the Family Halloween Dance Tonight!!

30 Oct

Check the school council page (tab) on our blog for the details.

Zoo trip grade 1/2

30 Oct

Zoo Trip, Oct. 31

30 Oct

The zoo trip is ON! Please ensure that your child is dressed
appropriately as they will be outside intermittently as they walk to and from
different indoor pavilions at the zoo. The day will be spent both indoors and
outdoors, therefore it is very important that students
wear proper foot wear and outerwear for the rainy weather.


NO replica weapons, as per school board Safe Schools policy are permitted at school.

NO face masks are allowed as they pose a safety risk while walking through the hallways/stairs and can be frightening to younger children.

Remember:  Brownridge is a Nut Free school. Please check treat labels carefully!

Junior Theatre Trip Oct. 30/12

29 Oct

Junior Theatre Trip Oct. 30/12

Notice to all parents of students in gr. 5 & 6.

Due to the severe inclement weather advisory, students are being bused to and from the Playhouse Theater for tomorrow’s Cinderfella performance.

October 28, 2012

29 Oct

We are looking at a rainy week ahead. During the heavy downpours, students will be allowed to enter through the front doors when dropped off at the ‘kiss and ride’.  It is expected that more children will be driven to school during the rain, so please do your best to leave a bit earlier to ensure your child is not late for school.  Also, please be patient in the ‘kiss and ride’ and wait for the line of vehicles to move after you have dropped off your child(ren).  We want to keep our staff  and students safe!

Our family Halloween dance is Tuesday, October 30. Please see the information on our School Council section of the blog. All children must be accompanied by an adult for the entire evening. It’s going to be a FUN night.

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School Council Announcement

23 Oct

School Council has posted information about the upcoming Family Night on their page.

Please check it out.

Welcome to the Brownridge Blog

3 Oct

We are thrilled to announce our new Brownridge Blog for the 21st Century.  This blog replaces our monthly electronic newsletter.  It is a more effective form of communication which supports our technology focus and eco school initiative.  It is a compliment to the individual classroom Moodles/blogs.  You can follow our blog by registering your email address.

Please look forward to the upcoming launch next week.  Students will have the URL notification slip stapled in their agenda. Also we will add the site to all classroom Moodles/blogs.

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